Press release, Amsterdam July 2020 – Botanical brewer Lowlander is giving back to nature by launching two certified organic beers: Lowlander Organic Blonde Ale (4% abv) and Lowlander 0.3% Organic Blonde Ale. With these beers – showing a bee and butterfly on the label – the brewer is committed to supporting biodiversity and has joined The Pollinators; the go-to platform for biodiversity and pollination. The two organic beers are available at supermarkets Ekoplaza and Albert Heijn; bottle shops and in horeca.

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Certified organic beer

Frederik, Chief Botanical Officer: “With our love for nature, it was only logical that we were very keen to add a number of certified organic beers to our range.” The two Blonde Ales, a typical style for the ‘Lowlands’, are brewed with wild flowers, fruit and honey. And they have a bee and butterfly on the label for a reason. Frederik: “Without bees, butterflies and other pollinators we wouldn’t have a healthy nature; without a healthy nature we wouldn’t have botanically brewed Lowlander beers. We owe our beers to the bee and butterfly, so with the launch of these organic beers we also draw attention to the fact that pollinators are endangered “.

the pollinators – support biodiversity

Bees alone take care of every third bite we put in our mouth. The Pollinators also know this; they are committed to ensure and maintain a healthy living environment for pollinating animals. Lowlander Botanical Beers joins this growing community of citizens, companies and institutions that consider biodiversity important.

Frederik: “Our commitment to The Pollinators’ mission is only the first small step. We want to make the Lowlander drinker more aware of biodiversity and everything that nature offers us; our goal is to substantially increase the habitat of the butterfly and bee together with The Pollinators.” In 2021 Lowlander aims to increase the number of seed distribution points for the National Sowing Day by 50%, and use their network of customers, fans and friends to spread The Pollinators mission.