Since the Netherlands or ‘Low Lands’ is a land below sea level, we Dutch grow up with a healthy respect for nature. It’s a question of balance: like finding just the right combination of botanicals – or herbs, spices and fruit – to brew uniquely refreshing drinks.

And so it is with the natural world: when more is taken out than is given back, the balance needs to be restored. Which is why Lowlander is championing the global goal for nature, working towards a Nature Positive impact by 2030.

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Our botanically brewed beers

A beer at Lowlander starts with peeling fresh fruit, picking flowers or berries and sometimes extracting bags full of herbs and spices, by simmering them to make infusions.

The result is a more interesting beer, with a depth of well-balanced natural flavours.

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In collaboration with The Streetfood Club we’ve opened the doors of Botania Food & Beer Garden. A green oasis right in the historical heart of Utrecht where botanically brewed beers and naturally good food meet. Enter the wonderous world of botanicals with us and explore every vibrant flavour and fragrant nature has to offer, served right at your table. Opened for breakfast, lunch & drinks seven days a week.

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Beer & Food

At Lowlander we explore the power of nature to deliver flavour. Inspired by the creativity of chefs that use botanicals to add depth to their products and serves, our flavour exploration goes beyond beer. Our purpose is to open up the minds & palates by offering perfect beer & food pairings and celebrating the seasonal versatility of plants, herbs and spices. 

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