The Netherlands literally means the ‘Low Lands’ as much of its landmass is below sea level. Once pioneering seafarers, the ‘Lowlanders’ traded all over the world. Inspired by their travels

we explore the world of herbs, spices and fruit, and brew with these botanicals to create unique and naturally delicious beers.

We brew for people who want delicious beers that are anything but the ‘usual’. At the heart of everything we do is a belief that when we combine nature and a little bit of Dutch ingenuity the possibilities are endless.

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Our botanically brewed beers

A beer at Lowlander starts with peeling fresh fruit, picking flowers or berries and sometimes extracting bags full of herbs and spices, by simmering them to make infusions.

The result is a more interesting beer, with a depth of well-balanced natural flavours.

Discover our beers
Discover our beers

Beer & Food

At Lowlander we explore the power of nature to deliver flavour. Inspired by the creativity of chefs that use botanicals to add depth to their products and serves, our flavour exploration goes beyond beer. Our purpose is to open up the minds & palates by offering perfect beer & food pairings and celebrating the seasonal versatility of plants, herbs and spices. 

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