Lowlander Botanical Beers Beer and Foodpairing Navigator

At Lowlander we explore the power of nature to deliver flavour. Inspired by the creativity of chefs that use botanicals to add depth to their dishes,

our flavour exploration goes beyond beer.

Discover some of our favourite beer and food pairings that open up the minds – and palates – of all those that love to explore. Dishes that celebrate the seasonal versatility of plants, herbs and spices. Because we believe not just every great drink but also every great dish starts with a plant.

Or let our Lowlander Beer & Food Navigator serve as an inspiration for your own creations. In true seafarer style each Lowlander beer can be linked to a part of the world and therefore a direction of the Lowlander Beer & Food Navigator. To learn more about beer and food pairing and unlock exclusive recipes download our Beer & Food pairing guide.

At Lowlander we cook for people who want delicious, unfussy but incredibly flavourful dishes. At the heart of everything we do is a belief that when we combine nature and a little bit of Dutch ingenuity the possibilities are endless. That’s why our aim is to open the minds & palates of explorers with beer & food pairings that celebrate the flavours of nature.

Curious to see what we are talking about?

Take a look at our recipes.


Since our start in 2016 we decided to bring our beers back to nature by hosting unique Botanical Brewkitchen pop up dinners. We have set the table at the renowned Amsterdam botanical gardens, Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky Winter Garden, an experimental greenhouse in Rotterdam, the gardens of The Taste Museum, Harvey Nichols in London and on the most beautiful Amsterdam green rooftops. New events will be announced here.