It’s finally here, it tastes fantastic, and it helps the environment. Introducing Lowlander 0.00% – our new zero-alcohol beer.

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Lose the booze

More drinkers are choosing no- or low-alcohol beers than ever before. But the fact is, many non-alcoholic beers on the market aren’t 100% alcohol free – some have their alcohol removed before bottling, and legally, as much as 0.1% alcohol (and more, in beers brewed outside the Netherlands) can remain. What’s more, this technique can impact the flavour of the finished beer – which is why non-alcoholic beers have a reputation for tasting watery and flavourless.

The Lowlander approach

If there’s one thing that defines Lowlander, it’s the botanical flavours that characterise our beers. So creating a non-alcoholic beer at the expense of flavour was never going to be an option for us. Also, like the Dutch explorers who inspire each new Lowlander expression, we wanted to go further than the rest: for us, brewing a no-alcohol beer meant brewing a zero-alcohol beer – 0.00%, to be exact. We knew the end result would be worth the effort – Lowlander 0.00% is surprisingly full bodied, refreshingly crisp and packed with zesty, fruity aromatics.

From zero to environmental hero

Lowlander Botanical Beers 0.00%
That full flavour is also down to the chosen botanicals. To give our 0.00% beer the zing and bitterness that alcohol usually provides, we brewed it with orange and lemon peel. But here’s the citrus twist in the tale: in 2018, we stumbled upon PeelPioneers, a company dedicated to safely recycling the 250 million kilos of citrus peel discarded annually by restaurants and bars in the Netherlands. We collaborated with them and Vermaat Groep to turn some of the rescued peel into Lowlander 0.00%. Through this circular initiative, every bottle of 0.00% that you drink helps to reduce our collective environmental footprint. Now that’s a result worth toasting.

Achieving the impossible

To celebrate the spirit of exploring possibilities and achieving the seemingly impossible, we illustrated the label of our 0.00% with the story of Dutch engineer Cornelis Drebbel, who invented the first submarine and took King James I for a test drive. It’s his brand of bold ingenuity that inspired us to double down on our goal to make a truly zero-alcohol beer. Drebbel: that extra ‘0’ is for you.

Tasting is believing: Lowlander 0.00% is the real deal in terms of both alcohol content and flavour – and it helps the environment. It tastes good, it does good, and it feels good. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

Lowlander 0.00% is available at bars and restaurants across the Netherlands including many of the Vermaat Groep and PeelPioneers locations that help us to brew it. Online you find our 0.00% at Beerwulf and the Lowlander webshop.