Being explorers we know how big the world is. So when you get the news one of your beers has just been awarded with “World’s Best Label Design” by World Beer Awards (yes, the WORLD’S best) you can image we immediately opened our Lowlander fridge to celebrate!

The winning label is our Winter IPA, a very special beer to us as we’ve brewed it with discarded Christmas trees. It’s has become a tradition to use shiny labels on our limited edition winter beers, which was a great idea back in 2017 but not that easy to realise ;-). Another tradition is that each bottle has a different letter, following the tradition of us Lowlanders to gift each other chocolate initials around December holidays. Fun fact: the first year we had these letter labels our small team of 5 spent 4 full days to manually shuffle 18181 labels to ensure each 24-pack had a mix of letters. Mariah Carey and Wham kept us going ;-).

So what’s the story behind our designs? Our Chief Botanical Officer Frederik explains: “Well I worked in gin before so I guess I was a bit inspired by the beautiful designs you would see on gin bottles. Trying to do something different in beer our labels and central illustrations are all inspired by the stories of trade and travel of the “Lowlanders” and the botanicals they brought back. Each illustration at the front is matched with a intriguing story on the back of the label”.

Besides winning the World’s Best Label Design for our Winter IPA we scooped a few more design medals. We feel incredibly proud that our endavaour of brewing with botanicals, inspired by the trade and travel of the Lowlanders, is being acknowledged as something truly unique and of world quality. Cheers to that!