We challenge you to eat & drink your Christmas tree

We’re on a mission to prevent Christmas tree waste and turn it into taste! In keeping with our pledge to become Nature Positive by 2030, we will champion the idea of celebrating a sustainable Christmas full of flavour: enjoy our Winter I.P.A. brewed with reclaimed spruce needles, reduce & reuse waste by eating your Christmas tree and eventually ’treecycle’ what’s left for us to turn into a whole new batch of Winter I.P.A. again once the Holidays are over. Get inspired and discover how surprisingly versatile your Christmas tree can be.


If we can brew beer from used Christmas trees, we might as well cook with them too. What better way to bring this idea to life, than with a little help of true experts in terms of taste. We’ve joined forces with five renowned chefs of the Lowlands,  who’ve created the most flavourful dishes with the Christmas tree as their main ingredient. Stay tuned, for we’re about to share all of the recipes & inspiration for you to get going at home. Happy Holidays!

How it all began

Let’s go back to January 2018. Who would’ve thought an ordinary new year’s walk through Amsterdam would become the starting point of an extraordinary experiment. As the streets were filled with discarded Christmas trees, we simply couldn’t stop thinking about an alternative ending. Herbs, spices and fruit are the foundation of every single one of our botanically brewed beers. So when we learned over 12 million Christmas trees are thrown out after the holidays each year, we knew this botanical (because that’s what it is) deserved better. That’s when we knew: we should turn these trees into a flavourful beer. One simple call on social media asking for used Christmas trees, led to thousands(!) of applications. We picked up about 150 Christmas trees across the Lowlands, to eventually hand-pick, wash, distill & brew the needles into a surprisingly refreshing beer: our Winter I.P.A.. Now, three years later, the tradition continues…

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our winter i.p.a. contains christmas trees

What does the future hold for used Christmas trees? Beer of course. (Although, to be honest, that’s our answer to most things.) We thought: let’s rescue the tasty citrus botanicals from those spruce needles, add some tangy juniper berries and brew a deliciously crisp, light Winter I.P.A. just like this.

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