At Lowlander Beer we have always been quite close to distillers and their wonderful creations; distilled spirits. Partly because personally we occasionally like to imbibe something a bit stronger but also because as a team we have worked on both sides of the fence – at breweries and distilleries. But there is a a far more important reason why we are close to the stronger stuff and that is our our shared love for Botanicals. Dutch distillers use exotic botanicals to give flavour to some amazing Genevers (which then became gin) but Dutch brewers in the Lowlands used to use the very same botanicals to give character and flavour to their beers. And this is exactly the inspiration behind Lowlander Beer.

And with the botanicals in mind we find that beertails – cocktails made with Lowlander Beer are the way forward. Prior to the recent cocktail revival the closest beer came to a distilled spirit was as a sidekick or something what we in Dutch called a “kopstootje”. Well not any longer as beertails are a big trend. Beer has been elevated from a partner in crime to an exotic cocktail ingredient.

We’re incredibly excited that beertails are popping up at more and more bars and events across the globe. But even when you are savouring your Lowlander beer at home you can easily mix things up (sorry!) a bit. Beer trails might be frivolous but they are delicious. To help you get started we will share some of our favourites beertails recipes here.

More Beertails recipe to follow soon – keen to share one of yours, get in touch!