The Faraway Collins

Lowlander Beer is inspired by Dutch seafarers, and the way they used to travel to faraway lands gathering exotic herbs and spices. The Faraway Collins is our twist on a all time classic. It is a combination of Old Genever, citrus, sugar and spiced with our Lowlander White Ale, which is brewed with Elderflower, Chamomile and Curacao OrangePeels.


The Collins is a cocktail first made in the Limmers hotel in London. It is in this famous hotel a bartender by the name of John Collins first prepared this drink for a British naval officer in London back in 1630. The original Collins was a mix of Dutch Gin, lemon, sugar topped up with carbonated water. Traditionally 17th century hotel bars would also stock exotic spices to add an exotic extra dimension to these mixed drinks.

It is why Lowlander Beer adds botanicals to their beer, to add unique flavours inspired by a time when exotic botanicals started making way to the Lowlands. Inspired by this tradition we’ve replaced carbonated water in the Collins with our Lowlander White Ale giving it extra layers of flavour and floral notes to this all-time classic.


The Faraway Collins is a Beertail that is a well-balanced, light and aromatic drink. It’s a citrus forward Beertail that balances sweet, sour and bitter flavours. These flavours combined with botanicals turn a classic Collins into an exciting and refreshing “Faraway Collins”.


35 ml Old Genever

15 ml Wynand Fockink Mandarin Liqueur

25 ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice

20 ml Rich sugar syrup (2 parts sugar, 1 part water)

Top with 30 ml Lowlander White Ale

Garnish with a mandarin peel and dried elderflower blossom


Step 1: Fill a Collins glass, or long drink, with ice cubes

Step 2: Measure of all the ingredients, except Lowlander White ale, and shake with ice.

Step 3: Strain your cocktail into the Collins glass over ice.

Step 4: Top up with Lowlander White Ale

Step 5: Garnish with a mandarin peel, elderflower blossom and tall straw.