Frederik#founder #botanicals
Our self-proclaimed “Chief Botanical Officer” loves everything about exotic botanicals, characterful beer and (bedtime) stories about bravery.

Annemieke#marketing #beerwithfood
Annemieke gains fame for what we’re doing. This proud ginger knows beer & food is a match made in heaven.

Joris#ambassador #beerwithfood
Our straight talking, fast swimming Rotterdammer Joris is our go to man to talk beer in Rotterdam & The Hague.

Stefan#countrymanager #lowlands
Well-travelled, Rotterdam based Stefan fires up our sales team with a suitcase full of botanical experience in the spirits business.

Bob#ambassador #amsterdam
Bob won many hearts & minds in his first unofficial days at Horecava. Coming from gourmet food retail he knows how to suit up his skinny trousers.

Jimmy#germany #berlin #ambassador
Having worked in several countries, Jimmy is a passionate botanical explorer who now travels throughout Germany making sure everyone can get a taste of Lowlander beer.