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Refreshing & crisp with a fruity, flowery finish.

ALC 5 % vol.

Like the witbier you know. But the exotic twist you don’t.White Ale is a beer style typical to the Lowlands. We give ours an appealing twist by spiking it with both refreshing citrus and fragrant fruit.

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Available in bottle, can and draught

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Decidedly Different

We Dutch like tradition,but with a bit of a twist. So our White Ale is similar to the witbier style of beer so popular in the Lowlands, but given a refreshingly exotic edge. Curaçao orange peel adds a citrus zestiness, while elderflower brings a delicate fruitiness, balanced with a bright floral chamomile note.

Samphire, green asparagus and lemongrass skewers

Lowlander White Ale complements leafy, green salads. Brings out the salinity of seafood dishes. Cools the burn of light, spicy Asian dishes.

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Lowlander Botanical Beers_Beertail_White Ale_White Collins

Lowlander White Collins

A frizzy concoction of lemon juice, vodka, elderflower liqueur and Lowlander White Ale. Soft and floral flavours with a citrus kick.

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