This beer fights climate change 12-pack


Drink beer, fight climate change! With every Cool Earth Lager you drink, we add a plant to the seagrass meadow – which captures carbon 35 times faster than a tropical rainforest. Pick & mix your Cool Earth Lager with or without alcohol and help us tackle global warming with every flavourful sip you take.

Lowlander Cool Earth Lager
Lowlander 0.3% Cool Earth Lager
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  • For this 12-pack of Cool Earth Lager cans we plant 12 seagrass plants in the Waddensea
  • Those 12 plants capture a total of 309,6 kg.eq. CO2
  • CO2 emission to brew these 12 cans of Cool Earth Lager is 6 kg eq. CO2
  • Which means you’re making a climate positive impact!

Born in The Netherlands or Low Lands, a land below sea level, has taught us a lot about the need to be resourceful – and to have a deep respect for the natural world. So when we discovered that seagrass is such a powerful ally against climate change, capturing carbon 35 times better than tropical rainforest, we immediately made a commitment. To make beer. With every can of Cool Earth Lager we sell, we’ll add another plant to a seagrass meadow in our Dutch Waddensea. Which means you’ll be helping reduce carbon, protect marine wildlife and tackle global warming – while enjoying this uniquely crisp and exceptionally refreshing pilsner, brewed with zesty fragrant lemongrass. Find out more.