I.P.A. Re-Genever (limited edition)


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Guess who’s back? Our I.P.A. Genever got an upgrade. Or upcycle, you could say. This time we’ve distilled it with leftover beer from bars and restaurants. Blame it on the lock down. However, it did help us create this super clean, limited edition pure tasting Genever. Perfect for a good old ‘kopstoot’, even better as a base for a beertail.

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A big shout out to all the bars and restaurants who offered their share of leftover I.P.A. beer:
Bar Bistro Bureau, Aneka Rasa, Barley’s, Loetje aan de Amstel, Lumiere Cinema Restaurant Café, Café Fest, De Groene Olifant, De Ping Pong Club, Limon, Restaurant Van Aken, Drankenhandel Boonekamp, Knaap Horeca, Kalff, Wynand Fockink, Huis van Iemand Anders, Ten Good Food Cafe.


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