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Smooth body with light floral notes.

ALC 0.3 % vol.

100% natural taste. 99.7% alcohol-free.With a love of botanicals in our blood, it was a natural next step for us to want to support and protect the biodiversity of the land. That’s why inspired by nature’s meadows and hedgerows, for this no-alcohol Blonde Ale we use organic hops and organically wild harvested elderberry and rosehip. Whilst meadows alone will not counterbalance the use of pesticides, they are a small step to slowing pollinator decline and serve as a reminder to retain the natural beauty of our countryside.Did you know this beer is gluten free? We remove gluten from our barley malt by using a special technique that brings the amount of gluten below the allowable threshold. Losing the gluten, keeping the flavour! 

  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Elderberries
    Wild elderberry
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Rosehip
    Wild rosehip

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Wild Yet Refined

We foraged high and low in search of nature’s finest ingredients for our organic Blonde Ale. And what did we settle upon? The distinctive fruity dryness of rosehips and the earthy sweet-tartness of dark elderberries. The result is uniquely smooth and clean-tasting, with a subtly sweet tang. And it’s practically alcohol-free too.

Spiced red fruit crumble with fresh mint

Lowlander 0.3% Organic Blonde Ale is a perfect beer to end a dinner party or enjoy with pastry. Reinforces sweet yet tart dishes with fruit.

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