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Losing the alcohol. Keeping the flavour - and biodiversity.

ALC 0.3 % vol.

Botanically brewed 0.3% Organic Blonde Ale with wild elderberry & rosehip. Smooth bodied with light floral notes. As members of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of sales to The Pollinators stimulating pollinating species and increasing biodiversity.

  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Elderberries
    Wild elderberry
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Rosehip
    Wild rosehip

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In 1699 pioneering naturalist Maria Sibylla Merian travelled from Amsterdam to Suriname to study her great passion, butterflies. We understand the call of curiosity: it leads us to forage for ingredients like the wild elderberry and rosehip in this light, alcohol-free Organic Blonde Ale. What’s more, Maria’s example has inspired us to contribute 1% of sales to The Pollinators’ work sowing organic, native flower species to promote biodiversity.

Spiced red fruit crumble with fresh mint

Lowlander 0.3% Organic Blonde Ale is a perfect beer to end a dinner party or enjoy with pastry. Reinforces sweet yet tart dishes with fruit.

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