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Mellow & zesty with subtle sweetness

ALC 4 % vol.

Have you heard the Buzz? A blonde that’s brewed with botanicals & organically produced.What could be more typical of the Lowlands than a Blonde beer? It’s a style that combines a richness of flavours, body, and deep golden colour. Brewed with zesty lemon peel naturally sweetened with a hint of honey made from summer blooming plant nectar, our Organic Blonde Ale is a flavourful, light-bodied beer that is as crisp as it is refreshing.Did you know this beer is gluten free? We remove gluten from our barley malt by using a special technique that brings the amount of gluten below the allowable threshold. Losing the gluten, keeping the flavour! 

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  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Lemon Peel
    Lemon peel
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Honey
    Blossom honey

Available in bottle and draught

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  • 2020_European Beer Challenge_Bronze

Have You Heard The Buzz?

Our organic Blonde Ale is one of most refreshing botanically brewed beers yet, made with the finest organic hops and malts, to which we add lemon peel and just a hint of blossom honey. The result has a clean, zesty bite- without the sting- and a subtle sweetness that leads to a soft , smooth , mellow finish. Nectar in a bottle.