Ultimate Expedition 12-pack

Ultimate Expedition 12-pack


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For the true adventurer: go on an expedition to explore every single Lowlander Botanical Beer. Including a folder with all the information and inspiration to get the best out of your expedition. New favourites guaranteed.

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Lowlander Ultimate Expedition 12-pack contains:

1x 0.00% Wit (can)
Brewed with reclaimed orange and lemon peels. Refreshing & crisp with bursts of fruit and citrus flavours.

1x 0.3% I.P.A. (can)
Brewed with mango, cardamom and orange peels. Juicy mango & citrus freshness with balanced bitterness.

1x Cool Earth Lager 4% (can)
Brewed with lemongrass. Clean & crisp hoppy pilsner with a subtle zesty zing.

1x White Ale 5% (can)
Brewed with curacao orange, elderflower & chamomile. A very refreshing and crips beer with fruity and flowery finish.

1x I.P.A. 6% (can)
Brewed with coriander & white tea. A citrusy, hoppy and bitter beer with refreshing notes of spice.

1x 0.3% Organic Blonde Ale (bottle)
Brewed with wild elderberry and rosehip. Smooth body with light floral notes.

1x Ginger & Lime 2.5% (bottle)
Brewed with ginger, kaffir lime, cardamom and Darjeeling tea. Spicy & aromatic, with hints of zesty citrus.

1x Tropical Ale 3.8% (bottle)
Brewed with Curaçao orange & dragon fruit. Cool & crisp with tropical fruity notes.

1x Grapefruit Pale Ale 3.8% (bottle)
Brewed with blood orange, sumac and grapefruit. Bright and fresh citrus with a light and zesty finish.

1x Organic Blonde Ale 4% (bottle)
Brewed with lemon peel & blossom honey. Mellow & zesty with subtle sweetness.

1x Poorter 5% (bottle)
Brewed with cranberry and ginger. Fresh & Fruity with warming notes of spice.

1x Winter I.P.A. 6% (bottle)
Brewed with spruce needles and juniper berries. A crisp white I.P.A. with piney hoppy notes and an evergreen citrus kick.

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