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Expand your horizon and discover the world of Lowlanders botanically brewed beers. Don’t know which beers to choose? Or looking for the perfect present for every occasion? Try our Lowlander Explorer Pack with 5 bottles of botanically brewed beers. New favourite guaranteed.

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Lowlander Explorer Pack contains: : 1x White Ale, 1x I.P.A., 1x Tropical Ale, 1x Yuzu & Grapefruit and 1x 0.00% Wit

White Ale 5% abv
Brewed with curacao orange, elderflower & chamomile. A very refreshing and crips beer with fruity and flowery finish.

I.P.A. 6% abv
Brewed with coriander & white tea. A citrusy, hoppy and bitter beer with refreshing notes of spice.

0.00% Wit
Brewed with reclaimed orange and lemon peels. Refreshing & crisp with bursts of fruit and citrus flavours.

Tropical Ale 3.8% abv
Brewed with Curaçao orange & dragon fruit. Cool & crisp with tropical fruity notes.

Yuzu & Grapefruit 2.5%
Brewed with Yuzu, pink grapefruit and Earl Grey Tea. Light & Refreshing, with bright citrus flavours.

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