PRE ORDER | Limited Edition #XMAS – Gift Edition

PRE ORDER | Limited Edition #XMAS – Gift Edition


Spruce it up!

Last winter we asked Lowlanders to gift us their well-loved Christmas trees instead of throwing them out on the street as rubbish. Sprucing up “waste” into something delicious we collected their trees, stripped the spruce needles & brewed them with juniper into a sustainable Winter White IPA. The aroma recalls evergreen forests and the hoppy & light citrus character brightens up darker days & nights. 

You can pre-order* it now, get it before it’s gone!

*Estimated delivery in end of September 2019

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    Did you hear the one about the brewery making beer from Christmas trees? No joke: literally millions of people heard about what we were doing in time to donate their tree. The story of our Tree to Table initiative was picked up by all the major news agencies in the Netherlands: we appeared in print in nationwide newspapers, on your screens via four TV networks and online in more than 100 posts; four national radio stations also broadcast our plea for trees. In fact, news of our campaign broke all over the world: as far west as Canada and the US, and as far east as Russia and Japan.

    We’ve smashed the first stage of Tree to Table: our first batch of Winter IPA made purely with recycled pine needles is currently being brewed, and will be ready to taste this autumn.

    The #XMAS giftpack includes 5 bottles of our Winter IPA.

    You can pre-order it now, get it before it’s gone!

    Estimated delivery in end of September 2019

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