Limited Edition Autumn Cranberry Giftpack

Limited Edition Autumn Cranberry Giftpack


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In the late 1600′s, Dutch seafarers brought back a spicy condiment from China known as ke-tsiap, or ketchup. Variations in the recipe evolved but in break with tradition we believe tomatoes don’t own ketchup.

As sweet things abound in harvest season our ketchup brings the fruity, bold bite of typical Dutch foraged Terschellinger Cranberry, with a hint of spices/ginger and a sparkle of Lowlander Autumn Ale. Despite the fact Terschelling produces everything from cranberry gin and cranberry hot sauce to cranberry vinegar and cranberry sweets, we didn’t discover a true Dutch cranberry ketchup. So we decided to make one ourselves, cooked with botanicals. This very first cranberry ketchup of the Lowlands is pretty much perfect for topping, dipping, and dressing any Autumn celebration.

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Limited Edition Autumn Cranberry Giftpack contains:  2x Autumn Ale, 1x Limited Edition Cranberry Ketchup, 1x 33cl glass

Autumn Ale 5% abv
Brewed with cranberry and ginger. Fresh & Fruity with warming notes of spice.

Lowlander Cranberry Ketchup
Cooked with Autumn Ale, Terschellinger Cranberries and spices. Fruity & tangy with warming notes of spice.


EN: Organic Terschellinger Cranberries, caster sugar, Lowlander Autumn Ale (water, BARLEY MALT, MALTED WHEAT, hops, yeast, cranberry, ginger), onion, apple cider vinegar, garlic, cloves, salt, MUSTARD FLOUR, allspice, black pepper, ginger, star anise, cardamom. NL: Bio Terschellinger Cranberries, bruine basterdsuiker, Lowlander Autumn Ale (water, GERSTEMOUT, TARWEMOUT, hop, gist, veenbes, gember), ui, appelazijn, knoflook, kruidnagel, zout, MOSTERDBLOEM, piment, zwarte peper, gember, steranijs, kardemon.

Botanically cooked and bottled for Lowlander in the Lowlands by The Holy Kauw Company, Wijk bij Duurstede.
Production date: 26/09/20. Use within 3 months after opening. STORE REFRIGERATED.