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Cool & crisp with tropical fruity notes.

ALC 3.8 % vol.

Inspired by our travels to continental beaches in Europe and slightly more tropical days in the Dutch Antilles we wanted to brew a beer inspired by the island of Curaçao which would enable explorers to take life a little less seriously

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Available in bottle and draught

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The Healing Island

Sailors who fell ill on Dutch trading ships were left on the Island of Curaçao as they passed, upon their return they found the sailors had miraculously recovered. Our Tropical Ale uses the secrets of the island’s vitamin C rich Curaçao orange to create the most replenishing of beers that will quench the thirst of sun filled days.

Green herb pizza bianca with beer dough

Our Tropical Ale is a perfect companion for easy and bold gourmet fast food. Balances grilled barbecue flavours. Enhances spicy dishes.

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