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A full-flavour non-alcoholic I.P.A. with added juiciness.

ALC 0.3 % vol.

Botanically brewed 0.3% I.P.A. with mango, cardamom & orange peels. Juicy & fresh with hints of citrus and balanced bitterness. As members of 1% For The Planet, we support Project Orange Elephant helping purchase more orange plants for farmers in rural Sri Lanka - preventing elephants from raiding farms and reducing the chance of conflict between farmers and elephants. Find out more about how to save the planet by simply drinking beer here.

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How do you stop a hungry elephant? With an orange – they don’t like citrus. So in Sri Lanka conservationists are encouraging farmers to plant orange trees in among their precious crops. We brew our alcohol-free I.P.A. with exotic mango, cardamom and orange peel (making it irresistibly elephant-proof) plus we’re donating 1% of sales to Project Orange Elephant to support their work deterring those inquisitive trunks.

Indian spiced courgette burgers

Lowlander 0.3% I.P.A. balances light, spicy Indian curries. It's combination of juicy mango and citrus freshness complements sweet and spicy Asian dishes.

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