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Juicy mango & citrus freshness with balanced bitterness.

ALC 0.3 % vol.

A full-flavour non-alcoholic I.P.A.. With added juiciness.Cousin to our ‘Indonesian’ I.P.A., this alcohol-free I.P.A. is no poor relation. Initially inspired by travels East to Sri Lanka, home to the mouth watering delicious mango, we stumbled upon a truly inspiring project run by a local charity helping Sri Lankan wild elephants to live in harmony with farmers by planting orange trees to protect crops from being raided - when we heard their story we had to get involved.

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Go Mango

Mango and cardamom make for an unforgettably juicy and aromatic pairing. By brewing them with just the right intensity of tropical hops- and with the late addition of orange peel- we’ve created a wonderfully exotic, fruity, thirst-quenching I.P.A. oh, and it’s practically alcohol-free too. Worth remembering.

Indian spiced courgette burgers

Lowlander 0.3% I.P.A. balances light, spicy Indian curries. It's combination of juicy mango and citrus freshness complements sweet and spicy Asian dishes.

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