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Most I.P.A.'s are Indian. This one’s Indonesian.

ALC 6 % vol.

Botanically brewed I.P.A. (6%) with coriander seed & white tea. Citrusy, hoppy & bitter with refreshing notes of spice. As members of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of sales to Trees for All, supporting sustainable forestry projects in the Lowlands and abroad for a healthier climate. Find out more about how to save the planet by simply drinking beer here.

Lowlander Botanical Beers IPA large

Available in bottle, can and draught

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Dutch seafarers returning from the east would often bring back monkeys, which they would sell to tavern-keepers to pay off drinking debts. Our I.P.A., with hints of botanicals and spice, is a tribute to those sailors’ spirit of adventure and quick thinking.

I.P.A. marmelade & smoked duck springrolls

Bitter yet tropical, our I.P.A. stands up to the intensity of spicy dishes. Cuts through charcuterie and roasted meats.

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Lowlander Botanical Beers_Beertail_IPA_Botanical Negroni_2

Lowlander Botanical Negroni

Our twist on the king of aperitivo cocktails balances the bitterness of Lowlander I.P.A. with the sweetness and spice notes of Wynand Fockink I.P.A. Genener.

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