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Citrusy, hoppy & bitter with refreshing notes of spice

ALC 6 % vol.

Most I.P.A.'s are Indian. This one’s Indonesian.We love I.P.A. 's and set about making our own; an Indonesian Pale Ale. Inspired by Dutch expeditions to the Far East we use some of the rich botanicals found in these faraway lands.

Lowlander Botanical Beers IPA large

Available in bottle, can and draught

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Tales From The Sea (And Tea)

When Dutch explorers returned from the Far East, they brought exotic stories and even more exotic spices. As they told their tales, we brewed with botanicals – like ketoembar (coriander seed) and fine Asian white tea. That’s why our Indonesian Pale Ale has that true I.P.A. hoppy-bitterness, but with a unique citrusy freshness and spicy aromatic note.

I.P.A. marmelade & smoked duck springrolls

Bitter yet tropical, our I.P.A. stands up to the intensity of spicy dishes. Cuts through charcuterie and roasted meats.

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Lowlander Botanical Negroni

Our twist on the king of aperitivo cocktails balances the bitterness of Lowlander I.P.A. with the sweetness and spice notes of Wynand Fockink I.P.A. Genener.

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