Grow Your Own Garnish Giftpack

Grow Your Own Garnish Giftpack


Here at Lowlander, we have fun with botanicals, and we thought you might like to do the same. With this Grow Your Own Garnish Giftpack you  grow your own mint garnish, to serve with our 2,5% Ginger & Kaffir Lime and 2,5% Yuzu & Grapefruit. 



All of our beers are brewed with botanicals, but Lowlander Botanical Infusions put these natural flavours – whether spicy ginger and zingy kaffir lime leaves, or citrussy yuzu and pink grapefruit – front and centre. At 2.5% abv, our Infusions dial down the alcohol content, instead introducing aromatics such as fine teas to complement the full-throttle botanicals. More characterful than a soft drink, more refreshing than a beer, Lowlander Infusions are something different. That’s why we believe they need to be served differently – as a long drink garnished with a sprig of mint, which adds a burst of freshness on the nose that primes your palate for the citrus notes in each Infusion. This Grow Your Own giftpack gives you the tools to grow your own garnish – once grown enjoy your Lowlander beer in a tumbler, garnished with your very own botanical flourish: the perfect sunny-weather serve!




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