ALC 3.8 % vol.

Brewed with Grapefruit, Blood orange, Sumac

Hoppy,bitter & citrusy as an I.P.A.. But refreshingly easy-drinking A nod to our American cousins. Characteristic citrus flavour, mellowed by malt to produce a clean, crisp, zesty and highly sessional beer.

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Available in bottle and draught

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Did Someone Say Citrus?

American Pale Ales are known for their zesty citrus tang. We like that. So we use American citrusy hops in ours. Next, blood oranges- we’re a bit obsessed with their intensity. which is why we use the dried peel to infuse our pale ale. Then we add the all important grapefruit. And for extra bite, sumac- our favourite lemony spice. Did we mention that we like citrus?

Herb tempura with sumac dip

Lowlander Grapefruit Pale Ale Pairs cleanses the palate of grilled or fried gourmet fast food. Complements zingy citrus.

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