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The natural radler alternative. That’s naturally better-tasting.

ALC 2.5 % vol.

Botanically brewed Ginger & Lime leaf (2.5%) with ginger, lime leaf, cardamom, Darjeeling tea & beer infusion. Spicy & aromatic, with hints of zesty citrus. As members of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of sales to Trees for All, supporting sustainable forestry projects in the Lowlands and abroad for a healthier climate. Find out more about how to save the planet by simply drinking beer here.


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As the Dutch traded spices the world over, they discovered that ginger was the secret zing that gave food in the far East its curious kick. This aromatic and curious blend fuses the exotic notes of ginger, lime leaf, cardamom and Darjeeling tea into a spicy yet refreshing blend that can tame the heat of the hottest of days.

Spiced carrot soup with herbs and coconut

This 2,5% botanical infusion complement the ginger zing of rich Asian food, or kill the burn with zesty and refreshing flavours.

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Lowlander Botanical Beers_Beertail_Ginger_Not so dark _ stormy

Lowlander Not So Dark & Stormy

Dark & stormy’s are cliché; this is the way you want your rum and ginger to mix. Enjoy.

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