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Ripe tropical flavours with bright fruity notes.

ALC 3.8 % vol.

Pour in the pink! This pop of colour is a show stopper in all its flair and flavour. And if you ask us, it tastes just as good as it looks. A super fresh, subtle sweet Floral Ale with fragrant notes of hibiscus, pineapple and lime. Now that's truly tropique botanique 

_Lowlander_Visualisation_Floral Ale
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Hibiscus
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Limem
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Pineapple

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    Drink pink. Preserve wildlife.

    Our travels led us to Curacao – and two bright-pink inspirations. Firstly, the blooming hibiscus, which lends our refreshing Floral Ale its distinctive colour. And secondly, flamingos.

    Ceviche with grapefruit, radish and fennel

    Lowlander Floral Ale is a great match with bright, tropical seafood dishes like this fresh ceviche. Zesty, super fresh fish combined with a bit of red radish heat; pink on a plate!

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