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Clean & crisp hoppy pilsner with a subtle zesty zing.

ALC 4.0 % vol.

What’s crisp, zesty & refreshing and helps fight climate change? This. Our love of botanicals and nature runs deep so we’re formalising our commitment to plants and the planet where they grow. We have created a Lager that’s not only naturally delicious but also naturally better, making an impact to keep the earth green and cool. Did you know this beer is gluten free? We remove gluten from our barley malt by using a special technique that brings the amount of gluten below the allowable threshold. Losing the gluten, keeping the flavour! 

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  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Lemongrass

Available in can and draught

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Drink beer, fight climate change

Born in The Netherlands or Low Lands, a land below sea level, has taught us a lot about the need to be resourceful – and to have a deep respect for the natural world. So when we discovered that seagrass is such a powerful ally against climate change, capturing carbon 35 times faster than tropical rainforest, we immediately made a commitment. To make beer. 

Avocado and scallion stuffed crispy rice bites

Lowlander Cool Earth Lager is a great match with vibrant green-flavoured fruits and vegetables; but also cuts through fried and somewhat salty dishes.

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