Botanical Scented Candle Giftpack


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Two naturally delicious beers and a hand poured scented candle? Say no more. Our newest giftpack includes a bunch of botanicals, flavour and fragrance, making this citrusy trio the perfect treat.

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As we explore the wondrous world of botanicals in beer, we were determined to capture the same botanical experience in a silky smooth scented candle to tickle all senses. Our Botanical Candle with reclaimed orange peel brightens the room with its fresh and vibrant tones as soon as you light it. Best way to enjoy it? Over a bottle of White Ale of course.

Lowlander White Ale Giftpack with candle contains: : 2x White Ale and a Lowlander Botanical Candle.

White Ale 5% abv
Brewed with curacao orange, elderflower & chamomile. A very refreshing and crips beer with fruity and flowery finish.

Botanical Candle
Hand poured, naturally scented candle with reclaimed orange peel.