Glass 6-pack 25cl

Glass 6-pack 25cl


By popular demand: a set of 6 original Lowlander Beer glasses, 25cl.

In true seafarer style the Lowlander O represents a plimsoll: a mark that denotes the optimum fill line. So top up and enjoy!

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No less than 152 (!) optional names were written down by our founder Frederik before he decided on Lowlander as the right name for our beers (it’s true, he still has the list). Although Lowlander Beer seemed the best right from the start, there were some doubts; isn’t it too similar to Lowlands for example, one of the best and biggest festivals in The Netherlands?

It does make sense though: with much of its land below sea level The Netherlands – literally the low lands – became a nation of seafarers, returning with precious herbs and spices that found their way into beer. Which leads us to a question we often get about the letter “O” in Lowlander. Commonly mistaken with the Scandinavian letter Ø, it actually represents a plimsoll: a symbol found on ships, marking the weight of the ship and limit to which it may be loaded. Makes sense now, right?

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