Drink beer, back your bar

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Drink beer, back your bar with this limited edition Botanical Blonde.

Remember your very first Lowlander Beer ever? Big chance it was served to you in one of the many bars that has supported Lowlander over the years. With the harsh times hospitality is facing at the moment we felt it’s time for us to serve them. So for every liter of this Botanical Blonde sold we’re giving back a liter to the bar of your choice* when they reopen. Now that’s what we call a win win.

  • Super fresh beer, straight from our kettle.
  • 5L, 100% recyclable micro keg.
  • Integrated tap, no accessories needed.
  • Free shipping.

*Leave the name of your bar in the comments field at checkout.

The 5L Lowlander Micro Keg is also available in our award winning Indonesian Pale Ale. 

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Tanks of freshly brewed Lowlander beer, waiting to be packed and shipped to horeca, need a new destination. So: what if we could give you the opportunity to enjoy a fresh draught Lowlander beer wherever and whenever you want? Enjoying a beer at home has never been this convenient.

  • Super fresh beer, straight from our kettle.
  • Integrated tap, no accessories needed.
  • Kegged on order each Tuesday, shipped latest Wednesday; in your fridge right in time for the weekend.
  • Strong, unbreakable and 100% recyclable.
  • Easy to transport.
  • The micro keg fits flat in your fridge as it requires less space than a 12-pack.
  • Best enjoyed within 5 days after delivery, consume within 12 hours after opening.
  • A tapping manual can be found here.
  • Note: in order to keep the beer as fresh as possible, we fill these micro kegs once per week on Tuesdays, hence it can take up to 1 week until you can expect your kegs at home!