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Fresh & Fruity with warming notes of spice.

ALC 5 % vol.

The Season Of Plenty. Bottled.Sweet things abound in the Harvest season but in a break with tradition, our Autumn Ale brings fresh hop spiciness in combination with light wheat weizen malt, a hint of warming ginger and delicious tart and fruity cranberry. Perfect to accompany any Autumn celebration.

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Available in bottle and draught

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a berry bounty

Legend has it that in 1840 beachcomber, Pieter Sipkes Cupido, came across a barrel washed ashore on the shipwreck-riddled coast of the island of Terschelling. Disappointed to discover no liquor, only berries, he kicked over the barrel with his clog; leaving the cranberries to conquer the dunes. Our Autumn Ale uses the bold bite of foraged cranberries with a warming hint of ginger, to create a beer as refreshing as it is comforting.

Spiced plum chutney, roasted nuts and baked camembert

Lowlander Autumn Ale complements umami-rich dishes like creamy miso or cheese. It's also a great match with freshly harvested, roasted (root) vegetables.

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Lowlander Botanical Beers_Beertail_Autumn Ale_Berry Bounty

Lowlander A Berry Bounty

A Berry Bounty beertail is a tart yet warming delight of Cointreau, ginger syrup, a hint of lime and Lowlander Autumn Ale.

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