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    Lowlander Botanical Brewkitchen pop up dinner_2 Lowlander Botanical Brewkitchen pop up dinner

    Brewkitchen pop-up diner

    Nu jij niet naar onze Botanical Brewkitchen pop up diners kunt, brengen wij deze graag volledig verzorgd bij je thuis! Op 29 mei organiseren we samen met The Holy Kauw dan ook ons allereerste online pop-up diner: 'The Home Edition'. Alles wat onze pop-ups zo bijzonder maakt in 1 pakket: de natuur op je bord, fantastisch bereid door Arno & Mireille van The Holy Kauw; perfect gepairde Lowlander bieren; mooie verhalen; een gezamenlijk proost moment via Zoom (als je daar zin in hebt natuurlijk); we zetten je een klein beetje zelf aan het werk én natuurlijk meerdere persoonlijke notes van het Lowlander team ;-). Kies of je het diner graag met alcoholische of non-alcoholische Lowlander bieren wilt en het aftellen kan beginnen! Voor €45* per persoon ontvang je:
    • Welkomst beertail i.s.m. Spirited Union Distillery
    • 4 gangen diner van amuse tot dessert, plus brood en boter. Bijna volledig biologisch en 90% klaar om zo te serveren.
    • Alles verpakt in bio, recyclable of reusable verpakking (of misschien wel eetbaar? ;-))
    • 4 perfect gepairde Lowlander bieren (keuze uit alcoholisch of non-alcoholische pairing)
    • Glaswerk & vilt
    • Aankleding zodat je van iedere tafel een waardige Botanical Brewkitchen tafel kunt maken
    • Een 'goodiebag' met playlist, links naar inspirerende filmpjes uit de Brewkitchen en nog veel meer
    • We bezorgen het diner met ons Lowlander team hoogstpersoonlijk bij je thuis**, gekoeld en wel.
    Geef tijdens de check out aan of je vegetarisch wilt eten. Ook kun je hier eventuele dieetwensen aangeven.
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers GYO giftpack
    Here at Lowlander, we have fun with botanicals, and we thought you might like to do the same. With this Grow Your Own Garnish Giftpack you  grow your own mint garnish, to serve with our 2,5% Ginger & Kaffir Lime and 2,5% Yuzu & Grapefruit. 
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers 0.00% Wit_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers 0.00% Wit glass + bottle

    Lowlander 0.00% Wit

    A true 0.00% with refreshing witbier taste. Inspired to double down on zero this is our attempt to brew a true 0.00% ABV Wit beer. Collaborating with PeelPioneers we collect discarded oranges & lemons from bars and restaurants and  use these botanicals to brew our very first 0.0% beer.  
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers 0.3 IPA_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers 0.3% IPA glass + bottle

    Lowlander 0.3% I.P.A.

    A full-flavour non-alcoholic I.P.A.. With added juiciness. Cousin to our ‘Indonesian’ I.P.A., this alcohol-free I.P.A. is no poor relation. Initially inspired by travels East to Sri Lanka, home to the mouth watering delicious mango, we stumbled upon a truly inspiring project run by a local charity helping Sri Lankan wild elephants to live in harmony with farmers by planting orange trees to protect crops from being raided - when we heard their story we had to get involved.
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers 0.3% Organic Blonde Ale_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers 0.3% Blonde Ale glass + bottle
    100% natural taste. 99.7% alcohol-free. With a love of botanicals in our blood, it was a natural next step for us to want to support and protect the biodiversity of the land. That’s why inspired by nature’s meadows and hedgerows, for this no-alcohol Blonde Ale we use organic hops and organically wild harvested elderberry and rosehip. Whilst meadows alone will not counterbalance the use of pesticides, they are a small step to slowing pollinator decline and serve as a reminder to retain the natural beauty of our countryside.
  • By popular demand: a set of 6 original Lowlander Beer glasses, 25cl. In true seafarer style the Lowlander O represents a plimsoll: a mark that denotes the optimum fill line. So top up and enjoy!
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Botanical Brut_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers Botanical Brut bottle
    Dry sparkling, Sauvignon fruitiness and pine citrus.  Part botanical beer, part wine, part Champagne (although the French would sue us for using the C word).
  • Expand your horizon and discover the world of Lowlanders botanically brewed beers. Don’t know which beers to choose? Or looking for the perfect present for every occasion? Try the Lowlander Explorer Pack with 3 bottles of botanically brewed beers and a glass. Available in a bestseller and alcohol-free variant.
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Ginger & Kaffir Lime_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers Ginger glass + bottle

    Lowlander Ginger & Kaffir Lime

    The natural radler alternative. That’s naturally better-tasting. For our botanical infusions we explored the world’s finest herbs, spices and real fruit and blended these with teas and beer, to create a refreshing, light drink at 2.5% alcohol bursting with flavour.
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Grapefruit Pale Ale_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers Grapefruit Pale Ale glass + bottle

    Lowlander Grapefruit Pale Ale

    Hoppy,bitter & citrusy as an I.P.A.. But refreshingly easy-drinking A nod to our American cousins. Characteristic citrus flavour, mellowed by malt to produce a clean, crisp, zesty and highly sessional beer.
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Indonesian Pale Ale_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers IPA glass + bottle

    Lowlander Indonesian Pale Ale

    Most I.P.A.'s are Indian. This one’s Indonesian. We love I.P.A. 's and set about making our own; an Indonesian Pale Ale. Inspired by Dutch expeditions to the Far East we use some of the rich botanicals found in these faraway lands.
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Islander_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers Islander glass + bottle
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers White Ale Micro Keg 5L Lowlander Botanical Beers Micro Keg 5L_range
    Tanks of freshly brewed Lowlander beer, waiting to be packed and shipped to horeca, need a new destination now bars and restaurants are closed. So: what if we could give you the opportunity to enjoy a fresh draught Lowlander beer wherever and whenever you want? Enjoy the refreshing taste of a cold Lowlander draught beer at home. This 5L, 100% recyclable micro keg has an integrated tap; easy to use with no accessories needed. So tap your favourite Lowlander Beer, in your favourite spot, straight from the keg!
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Organic Blonde Ale_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers Blonde Ale glass + bottle

    Lowlander Organic Blonde Ale

    Have you heard the Buzz? A blonde that’s brewed with botanicals & organically produced. What could be more typical of the Lowlands than a Blonde beer? It’s a style that combines a richness of flavours, body, and deep golden colour. Brewed with zesty lemon peel naturally sweetened with a hint of honey made from summer blooming plant nectar, our Organic Blonde Ale is a flavourful, light-bodied beer that is as crisp as it is refreshing. 
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Recycled Beanbag 2 Lowlander Botanical Beers Recycled Beanbag
    At Lowlander we’re big fans of the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recyle. That’s why we’re excited to work with Sailmate to produce bean bags that give a second life to old sails. Not only are the bags made from upcycled materials but their filling is made from recycled EPS pearls, and we have included a zip so the filling can be removed and the bags cleaned and easily packed away too – small steps to treading a bit lighter on the planet while people sit back, relax and sip on a delicious Lowlander botanically brewed beer.
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers White Ale_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers White Ale glass + bottle

    Lowlander White Ale

    Like the witbier you know. But the exotic twist you don’t. White Ale is a beer style typical to the Lowlands. We give ours an appealing twist by spiking it with both refreshing citrus and fragrant fruit.
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Winter IPA line up Lowlander Botanical Beers Winter IPA glass + bottle
    In keeping with the festive season, our winter I.P.A. is brewed with spruce needles, hand-picked from discarded Christmas trees. We go against the grain by crafting a White IPA rather than the typical dark beers common in the winter months. The gift-giving winter tradition of the Lowlanders continues, as they give their loved ones initials in chocolate letters – or now in bottles of our winter I.P.A.
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Yuzu & Grapefruit_hero_landscape Lowlander Botanical Beers Yuzu glass + bottle

    Lowlander Yuzu & Grapefruit

    The natural radler alternative. That’s naturally better-tasting. For our botanical infusions we explored the world’s finest herbs, spices and real fruit and blended these with teas and beer, to create a refreshing, light drink at 2.5% alcohol bursting with flavour.
  • Explore Lowlander Botanical Beers the way you want to. Pick & Mix your own 12-pack. Also available in a 6-pack version.
  • Explore Lowlander Botanical Beers the way you want to. Pick & Mix your own 6-pack. Also available in a 12-pack version.