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A true 0.00% that's refreshing and fights waste.

ALC 0.00 % vol.

Botanically brewed 0.00% Wit with reclaimed orange & lemon peels. Refreshing & crisp with bursts of fruit and citrus flavours. As members of 1% For The Planet, we donate 1% of sales to Trees for All, supporting sustainable forestry projects in the Lowlands and abroad for a healthier climate. Besides, this beer tackles waste too as it's brewed with reclaimed orange & lemon peels from bars and restaurants. Find out more about how to save the planet by simply drinking beer here.

Lowlander Botanical Beers 0.00% Wit Large
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Orange Peel
    Orange peel
  • Lowlander Botanical Beers Lemon Peel
    Lemon peel

Available in bottle, can and draught

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When Dutch inventor Drebbel took King James I down to the Thames in the first ever submarine, little did he know he would inspire us with his implausible feats. Our 0.00% Wit beer is testament to his ingenuity, a zero alcohol and zero waste beer that tastes good and makes good use of orange and lemon surplus from bars & restaurants. Dive in!

Bánh xéo Vietnamese vegetable pancakes

Lowlander 0.00% Wit is a great companion for fresh herbs, citrus and fish. It cools the burn of spicy, Asian dishes and complements light salads.

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Lowlander Botanical Beers_Beertail_0.00 Wit_Citrus Cooler

Lowlander Citrus Coooler

A citrus-forward alcohol-free combination of fresh lime juice, Seedlip Grove and Lowlander 0,00% Wit. Perfect for a moment to cool down!

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