Lowlander launches a fresh new take on autumn beers with the launch of waste saving Pumpkin Weizen in time for sweater weather season.


Pity the poor pumpkin – all ripe and ready, only to be rejected because it doesn’t look perfect, or carved up for Halloween and thrown away. We say, say no to food waste and pumpkin cruelty. And say yes to our refreshing Pumpkin Weizen, brewed with wonky pumpkin and zesty spiced orange. It’s warming and bright, not too rich or heavy – perfect for sipping on a cool, crisp day.


Nothing signals the arrival of Autumn like the return of Bok biers and Pumpkin Ales.  The perfect pairing for a crisp colder day, however most are rich and heavily sweet. Fine for one, but not something to return to time and again throughout the Autumn season. That’s why we combined just the right amount of harvest spices (wonky pumpkin, fresh orange peels and a touch of ginger, cinnamon & cardamom) with the bright and zesty freshness of a Weizen style wheat beer. We think it’s the best of both worlds. The perfect not-too-sweet, yet incredibly sippable beer to spice up the sweater weather season.


We love taste and hate waste. Like the 39% of misfits which because of a wrong shape, size or colour never make it to the shops. Or the 95% of Halloween pumpkins that are thrown away then making their way to landfills, where they generate greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. Scary (and not in a fun way)! So we’re on a mission to rescue the pumpkin, by using those too wonky for the supermarkets to make our spicy Pumpkin Weizen.