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Re-Genever? now that’s clever.

During the pandemic many bars were left with unsold beer that was simply going to be thrown away. But we came up with a clever way to save it – by distilling it again. The beer is reborn as a smooth, clean tasting authentic Dutch genever. Or rather, Re-Genever. In theory, it should last forever. In practice, you’ll find this bottle empties quite quickly.

For Lowlander I.P.A. Re-Genever we have distilled I.P.A. beer to capture the essence of fresh, hoppy and bitter notes before blending it with a distilled malt base of wheat and juniper distillate. Resulting in a floral and slightly citrusy genever, with a clear malty and subtle sweet flavour.

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That the Dutch navy, the fiercest player in the 17th century battle of the seas, got their courage from heavy doses of pre-battle genever. We encourage you to fill your tulip glass with our I.P.A. Re-Genever, nearly overfloating, bend from the waist down, slurp and follow with a sip of Lowlander I.P.A. beer. Repeat until you find your Dutch courage. 

We call it a ‘kopstootje’, the most sophisticated way of enjoying a shot with a beer.

Lowlander I.P.A. Re-Genever - Kopstoot


Did you know we’re quite familiar with turning beer into genever? In 2018 we joined hands with Dutch distellery Wynand Fockink for our very first Lowlander I.P.A. Genever. We even sold out our first 1.500 bottles within one month.

We’re super excited to collaborate once more to launch a zero waste edition, creating a characteristic and uniquely flavoured genever thanks to the addition of wasted beer: the perfect way to unburden bars & restaurants and at the same time create something new and flavourful from surplus.


For those special moments when a simple sip of Re-Genever won’t do and a Kopstoot is not an option (is it ever not an option, though?), go for a beertail! With the launch of our first I.P.A. Genever we created our very own twist on the Negroni. Our botanical take on the king of aperitivo cocktails balances the bitterness of Lowlander I.P.A. with the sweetness and spicy notes of the I.P.A. Genever.

Lowlander Botanical Beers_Beertail_IPA_Botanical Negroni_2

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