At Lowlander Botanical Beers we are a big fan of the three R’S: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. As you may already know, we brew our 0.00% Wit with reclaimed orange peels and aim to reduce Christmas tree waste by donating to Adopt A tree for each Winter I.P.A. sold.

Echte Lowlander? Onze Anna schreef deze blog voor je in het Nederlands.

But this philosophy goes beyond just beer. With the love for nature running through our veins it makes sense we try to take care for Mother Earth. Bar visits and bottle deliveries by our sales ambassadors are done on electric bikes. Our business cards are made of growing paper to give them a purpose. When popping up with our Botanical Brewkitchen dinners we aim for zero waste and a low footprint. And this summer, we will even relax in a sustainable way.

Because with summer in full swing and more beautiful days to come, you need something easy yet comfortable on your staycation balcony, boat or garden.

upcycling vs. recycling

Look no further: get yourself a relaxed Lowlander beanbag made from upcycled sails from old sailing ships. Upcycled?? Okay, we get it; this deserves some explanation. To understand what up cycling actually is, it’s good to explain recycling first. When we talk about recycling, something is made from the raw material of what we throw away. So you need less raw materials for your new product.

Upcycling however processes old materials into new products of greater value. So instead of reproducing it into the original raw material (such as plastic), existing materials are used for new products. Think of old pallets for a garden bench, or handbags made of worn-out car tires.

Lowlander upcycled beanbag

Inspired by the pioneering seafarer background of the ‘Lowlands’, you can imagine how exciting we were when we discovered Sailmate, who upcycle old sails by designing tailor-made products. They created the super comfortable & durable Lowlander beanbag. Light yet strong, unique, washable and above all: the BEST when it’s Lowlander o’clock.


The Lowlander Beanbag is available through our website and the best news is: order this summer and receive a FREE  5L keg of Lowlander Tropical Ale. Cheers, to many Lowlander summer moments.