Spruce needle vinegar

Basic spruce recipes, serves 4

A flavourful vinegar done better, for this version contains spruce needles from your very own Christmas tree. The result? A refreshing yet piney vinegar that goes well with just about everything.


  • 500 ml (organic) apple vinegar
  • 10 pc. piment
  • 100 gr. spruce needles, washed and bruised
  • Peel of half an organic orange, blanched

This is how you make it  


  1. Bring the apple vinegar and piment to boil and pour over the spruce needles and orange peel.
  2. Cover up and leave outside the fridge, either overnight or longer.
  3. Strain the vinegar through a (cheese) cloth and store in a sterilized, lockable bottle.

Use for the hollandaise served with our celeriac steak wellington. Also goes really well with dressings or vinaigrettes, pickled vegetables and meat marinades.