Lowlander Pumpkin PIE.P.A.

Beertail, serves 1

A beertail is a cocktail, made even better with the addition of our botanical beers. Here are some of our favorites; tweak them and let them serve as inspiration for your own creations. Meet our Pumpkin PIE.P.A. (see what we did there?). The perfect aperitif, dessert or drink to get ready for Halloween.


  • 40 ml brown rum (Union Spice & Sea Salt)
  • 10 ml Cointreau
  • 15 ml Pumpkin Spice (Monin)
  • 10ml heavy cream (at least 35% fat)⁠
  • 60-80ml Autumn I.P.A.⁠

Shake the brown rum, cointreau & pumpkin spice syrup over some ice and fine strain in a Martini glass. Top it off with Autumn I.P.A. and garnish with whipped cream, pumpkin spices and a cinnamon stick.