Eton mess with spruce needle confiture

Organic Blonde Ale, serves 2

We love making a mess - especially when it tastes this good. Our Eton Mess trifle with spruce needle confiture has it all: it's bittersweet and refreshingly tangy with subtle hints of honey and florals thanks to the Organic Blonde Ale.


  • 2 slices of cake, cut in cubes
  • 50 ml Organic Blonde Ale
  • 2 tangerines
  • Zest of 1 tangerine
  • 100 ml whipped cream
  • 150 ml mascarpone
  • 1 tl powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp. spruce needle confiture
  • 100 gr merengue, crumbled
  • 20 gr pistachios, chopped

This is how you make it  


  1. Sprinkle the cake cubes with Lowlander Organic Blonde Ale and divide over two glasses.
  2. Peel the tangerines and remove the white pith as much as possible. Carefully cut the tangerines in thin slices and place them upright all around the inside against the glass.
  3. Beat the whipped cream with sugar until it’s lumpy and stir the mascarpone. Then fold the mascarpone with half of the merengue and the tangerine zest into the cream. 
  4. Spoon a layer of cream on top of the cake cubes. Then spoon a tablespoon of spruce needle confiture on top of that too. Finish with another layer of cream, the remaining merengue and chopped pistachio,

Best enjoyed with Lowlander Organic Blonde Ale.