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Amsterdam, August 2018 – Botanical Brewer Lowlander announces the next step in its journey by launching a new range of lightly alcoholic yet full flavoured Botanical Infusions. With this new to world hybrid infusion of botanicals, tea and beer Lowlander literally put botanicals at the heart of what they do. The two new Botanical Infusions are available across on trade and retail in the Lowlands (The Netherlands) and will be internationally launched during the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in London September the 2nd.

About 2,5 years ago Lowlander started with brewing and selling their botanically brewed beer. The idea of brewing with botanicals was inspired by the trade and travel of the “Lowlanders” (the Dutch) and the use of botanicals in gin and Dutch Genever. With distribution in more than 2000 accounts across Europe and numerous awards along the way the brand has been successful in carving out a niche in the crowded marketplace. The launch of the 2,5% alcohol Botanical Infusions is an adventurous next step in Lowlander’s  journey.

Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman says: ‘At Lowlander we believe lower alcohol options – allowing consumers to stay in control of their busy lives – shouldn’t feel like a compromise in terms of taste. So I thought, what if we take botanical brewing to the next level, and use natural ingredients like herbs, spices and fruit to drive the flavour delivery, and the beer is there but more in a supporting role. In my opinion you shouldn’t focus on what you take out, as in the ABV, but on what you put in. That’s how I realised we could make a lower ABV beer with a unique flavour, in a way that hasn’t been done before.’

Low to no alcohol beers

Low to no alcohol is the driving force of growth in the drinks industry, with a 20% growth in low alcohol sales in the UK recorded this year and a third of the consumers in the Netherlands claiming to drink beer with a lower alcohol more often*. ‘We feel the timing for the introduction of our Botanical Infusions couldn’t be better. We can just notice things are changing and with the Lowlander Botanical Infusions we can offer the refreshment of a beer, combined with the full flavour character of a non alcoholic craft soda.’


Named one out of six most promising F&B brands from the Lowlands, we have been invited by the Dutch Embassy in UK to showcase our beers at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in Olympia London, from 2-4 September. We will launch our new Botanical Infusions internationally at this event. If you’re interested in visiting us at the Dutch Pavilion (booth 1636G) for a sip or two, simply get in touch with us for an entrance ticket.


Inspired to work with the best natural ingredients, the new range of Lowlander Botanical Infusions casts herbs, spices and real fruit in a starring role. The finest ingredients like ginger, yuzu,  lime Leaf leaves and grapefruit are brewed with natural teas and beer, to create a lightly alcoholic (2.5% alc.) yet full flavoured drink.

Botanically brewed infusion with yuzu, pink grapefruit, Earl Grey tea and gose beer.
Light & refreshing, with bright citrus flavours.

Botanically brewed infusion of ginger, lime leaf leaves, cardamom, Darjeeling tea and wheat beer.
Spicy & aromatic, with hints of zesty citrus.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, yes that is 9 award in just 7 days!

Who would have thought that 2,5 years after starting with the idea of brewing with botanicals we would have more than 30 international awards. We feel incredibly proud that our endavaour of brewing with botanicals, inspired by the trade and travel of the Lowlanders, is being acknowledged as something truly unique and of world quality.

And what’s even more special: barely a month since the launch of our new beers and the first medals for our Botanical Infusions are already in the bag. The Fresh Discovery Awards are designed to shine a spotlight on the year’s most innovative and delicious new products and we are incredibly proud our Yuzu & Grapefruit Infusions is a finalist at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair.

The prestigious World Beer Awards are the equivalent to the World Cup in football. Out of more than 1900 beers from more than 36 countries which were judged via a blind tastings by a panel of experts our brand new Ginger & Lime Leaf Infusion managed to be awarded with a Country Winner award.

Four weeks since launching in the Lowlands the Botanical Infusions are now available in our webshop and in over 100 accounts including Moshik**, Wagamama, one of the worlds best cocktailbars The Flying Dutchman, premium retailer Marqt and many more. The international launch of the infusions is confirmed for United Kingdom (through 10 Degrees C, RRP £2,99), Berlin (through Bierlinie, RRP €2,49) and Paris (through France Taste Distribution, RRP €2,49. For sales in the Lowlands get in touch with us

*Source: Ruigrok, Netpanel 2017

Note to editor

About Lowlander Beer
Lowlander Beer is an award-winning four-strong beer range from Amsterdam, The Netherlands – literally ‘The Lowlands’, each with their own unique story and flavour.

Lowlander’s “Chief Botanical Officer” Frederik Kampman worked for years both at home and abroad for breweries and gin & genever distilleries. He says: “I entered the world of distilling and fell in love with botanicals. As a beer-lover I grew curious about what kind of characters these special flavours could give to beer.” And so the idea for Lowlander Beer was born: beer brewed with botanicals.

Lowlander Beer started its journey just over 2,5 years ago and so far has been awarded with over 30 international  medals. They have received further acclaim for their botanical brewing by the recent 4 awards in the World Beer Awards 2018 and another 4 at the International Beer Challenge, both including an award for the just recently launched 2,5% Botanical Infusions. The Yuzu & Grapefruit infusion has been named “Fresh Discovery of the Year” by Speciality &Fine Food Fair.


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