Lowlander Beertail Winter IPA White IPA

Jam on toast, a tried-and-true combo for breakfast and lunch. Or brunch which makes it perfect for festive family Holidays. This beertail with Lowlander Winter IPA, marmalade and gin perfectly translates brunch to the beertail glass.

Toast & Marmalade

Beertail | Serves 1

40ml Copperhead Black gin
1-2 tbsp Lowlander IPA marmalade
Lemon juice
40 ml Lowlander Winter IPA
Sprig of rosemary

This is how you make it
Stir marmalade with gin in base of a shaker until it dissolves. Add some lime/lemon juice, shake with ice and fine strain into champagne/longdrink glass. Top with Lowlander Winter I.P.A. Garnish with a sprig of lightly smoking rosemary.