This rillette of herring and anchovies gives a Dutch twist to a traditionally French dish. Pairing it with our typical Dutch White Ale – full of refreshing citrus and fragrant fruit – brings out the salinity of this dish.

Red Herring Rillettes, Balsamic Beetroot, Apple and Horseradish

Main | Serves 2

2 smoked herring
2 tb (soft) butter
2 tb crème fraiche
2 canned anchovy fillet
Half a lemon
a few drops of tabasco (to taste)
Worchester sauce (to taste)
chives to garnish

1 cooked beetroot
2 tb balsamic vinegar
1 tbs of honey
3 tb olive oil
1 sour apple
1 tb horseradish
2 slices of multigrain bread

This is how you make it
1. Mash the herring, butter, anchovies, and creme fraiche with a fork, keeping some structure of the herring.
2. Season with lemon, tabasco, Worchester sauce, chives, salt and pepper.
3. Now make the dressing by mixing the balsamic vinegar, honey and olive oil.
4. Cut the beetroot in cubes of half a centimetre.
5. Mix the beetroot and the dressing and leave in the fridge for at least a few hours.
6. Cut the apple in same sized cubes as the beetroot, and mix with the horseradish.
7. Toast the bread and generously apply the rillette.
8. Garnish with the apple and beetroot.

Serve with a Lowlander White Ale

Recipe by Gregory Scholten