Lowlander Herb & Spice Combinations

The Lowlander Approach To Flavour

Sometimes we start with a very specific idea about the flavour we try to get into our beer. Take our Poorter for example. Here we had a very clear vision that we wanted to combine a robust Poorter style with its hearty flavour of roasted caramel, coffee and sweet espresso tones, with something very Dutch. Quite quickly it brought me back to when we were young and our mums gave us liquorice roots to chew on. We tried that in combination with our Poorter and voila, our third beer was (almost) born. We just needed some vanilla, predominantly on the nose, to match the roasted dark flavours and the sweet and earthy tones of the liquorice.

Brewing a beer the way we do it is such an exciting process of tasting, testing, tasting again, until we have exactly the right balance in flavour as well as flavour combinations. Having worked in a gin distillery our Chief Botanical Officer Frederik always used something called a botanical flavour wheel. To aid our on going recipe development we decided to create our very own Lowlander Beer flavour navigator. This neat little compass really helps us to decide which botanicals we might use to deliver the desired flavour direction we have in mind. To make it even easier check out this list of well-tested botanical combinations. Use them to cook a dish full of botanical flavours, or to create your own (virgin) concoction in a glass.

What is your favourite combination?

Basilicum | Tomato, pepper, strawberry, paprika, ginger
Cardamom | Vanilla, star anise, apricot, cherry
Cinnamon | Apple, pear, tomato, rosemary, vanilla, blueberry
Clove | Orange, pineapple, rosemary, peach, cherry
Coriander Seeds | Blueberry, carrot, cucumber, fennel
Ginger | Lemon, joint, pear, chili, basil, sesame
Juniper | Hibiscus, cherry, pear, clove, piment
Laurel | Liquorice, fig, apple, beetroot
Lavender | Honey, chocolate, orange
Lemongrass | Ginger, lime, lemon, coriander
Liquorice | Pear, aniseed, laurel, blueberry
Mint | Melon, ginger, citrus, tarragon
Nutmeg | Piment, lime, orange, laurel
Oregano | Tomato, basil, lime, blueberry
Piment | Ginger, mango, mandarin, rosemary
Rosemary | Grapefruit, pineapple, lemon, apple
Star Anise | Cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, cherry
Tarragon | Rose, rhubarb, tomato, blackberry
Thyme | Rosemary, lemon, chocolate, honey, grapes
Vanilla | Citrus, apricot,   blackberry, basil, honey, coconut