Lowlander Guide to Botanical and Beer Pairing

Here at Lowlander, not only do we love to brew with botanicals, we’re also mad about them in our cooking. Fresh, seasonal herbs and spices, with their vivid flavours, bring most dishes to life – and these ingredients also accentuate the floral, herbal character of our beers.

Chances are, you already regularly use botanicals in your cooking: the word refers to any sort of  herb, spice, fruit or other plant-based substance – think leaves, flowers, roots, pods, seeds and bark. So in theory, you’re all set to pair your next meal with a Lowlander beer – it’s just a question of matching the right food with the right beer in our range.  

Without wanting to sound too grand, we’ve become quite expert at matching Lowlander beers with restaurant-quality food (it’s all thanks to our Botanical Brew Kitchen pop-up dinners). Now, beer sommeliers will tell you that matching beer with complexly flavoured dishes is an art that requires a great deal of knowledge and practice – but even world champion beer sommeliers started somewhere, and so can you.

Anyone wanting to enjoy a bottle (or can!) of Lowlander beer with food should start by considering herbs. Fresh herbs are easy to add to almost any dish – just sprinkle them on top. What’s more, our beers, with their bright-tasting hops, musky spices, yeasty notes and floral, fruity botanicals, all pair extremely well with fresh herbs. If you’re a beginner searching for the right food to go with your favourite Lowlander brew, this is the place to start.

Fresh coriander +  Lowlander Indonesian Pale Ale

This pairing is easy to understand, as our Indonesian Pale Ale is brewed with coriander seeds. And if you plant coriander seed, you’ll get coriander leaves ;-). Although the flavour of the seeds and leaves is markedly different, both have a floral, almost perfumy scent with citrus notes.  The citrusy, fruity, bitter character of our IPA therefore works really well with all kinds of Asian-style dishes containing coriander leaf. Try a bottle of our IPA with  these delicious hoisin chicken bao – the intense flavours hold their own against the complexity of the beer and complement each other nicely on the finish.

Rosemary + Lowlander American Pale Ale

Rosemary is a woody, fragrant herb with pine-like, almost resinous aromas. It is the perfect foil for hearty, savoury dishes. A little rosemary goes a long way – its unmistakable flavour more than holds its own against our American Pale Ale, whose grapefruit notes recall the classic blend of rosemary and citrus. The citrusy flavours of our American Pale Ale, combined with its elevated carbonation levels and alcohol content, make it a delicious palate cleanser. Try this beer with roast beef and roast potatoes, tuna chargrilled with rosemary, or a gourmet fast food, such as a burger with rosemary-salted fries.

Mint + Lowlander Yuzu & Grapefruit Botanical Infusion

The quintessential combination of citrus and mint is used in everything from desserts to salads and cocktails – the two botanicals are a match made in heaven, with the vibrant acidity of the citrus highlighting the floral, refreshing qualities of the mint. When garnished with aromatic mint leaves, our Yuzu & Grapefruit Botanical Infusion is elevateds to another level – the mint and the soda-like carbonation of the Infusion reinforce each other to refreshing effect. Try a Lowlander Yuzu & Grapefruit Botanical Infusion with zingy ceviche, or grilled fish served with a mint-flecked salad.

Lowlander Botanical Infusion Yuzu

Mint + Lowlander Ginger & Kaffir Lime Botanical Infusion

Fresh mint is also a natural choice for our Ginger & Kaffir Lime Botanical Infusion, with its citrus-forward character – the kick of ginger also brings out the slight heat in the mint leaf’s flavour that makes it tingle on your tongue. This light and refreshing drink matches perfectly with spicy shrimp or crab dishes, such as barbecued prawns marinated in ginger and a little chilli and garlic, or crab linguine with lemon, chilli and mint.

Lowlander Beer Shrimp Citrus Salad

Lemongrass + Lowlander White Ale

We just luuuuurve the bright, floral and lemony aroma of lemongrass, a herb you might not be so familiar with, but one that’s used a lot in Indian and South East Asian cuisines. There’s something at once robust and delicate about lemongrass, so to appreciate the depth of flavour it offers, it’s best paired with a typical Dutch witbier such as our White Ale. Brewed with Curaçao orange, elderflower and chamomile, our White Ale is crisp and refreshing with a fruity, floral finish; it’s also thirst-quenching enough to ‘cool the burn’ of chilli-laden curries that so often feature lemongrass, cutting through their creaminess at the same time. Try Lowlander White Ale with a Thai green curry.

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