Press release – Botanical brewer Lowlander presents the very first non-alcoholic craft beer on tap. Non-alcoholic beer is indispensable in the Dutch market since 1 out of every 20 beer consumptions in the Netherlands is non-alcoholic. Lowlander is proud to expand the possibilities of the Dutch consumer with the innovation of making the 0.00% WIT and 0.3% I.P.A. also available on tap.


Full of flavour, botanical and 0% alcohol, now also available on tap

By brewing with botanicals Lowlander made sure their non-alcoholic beers are full of flavour and therefore not inferior to the alcoholic ones. By offering no less than 5 diverse beers without alcohol, Lowlander has the biggest non-alcoholic assortment of the smaller Dutch breweries. Lowlander Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman sees the non-alcoholic beers on tap as a great opportunity to further expand the brand. “We are so proud that with this innovation we once again found a way to add value to the beer industry. Our non-alcoholic beers are covering close to 50% of our sold beers and with the introduction of the non-alcoholic beers on tap this will further accelerate.”

From this week on Lowlander offers two of their bestselling non-alcoholic beers on tap: the 0.00% WIT and the 0.3% I.P.A. The 0.00% WIT is botanically brewed with reclaimed orange & lemon peels and is refreshing & crisp with bursts of fruit & citrus flavours. The 0.3% I.P.A. is brewed with mango, cardamom & orange peels and is juicy & fresh with hints of citrus and balanced bitterness.


Increasing popularity of non-alcoholic beers

The conscious choice to quit alcohol fully or for a limited time is becoming the norm for a growing minority of the worldwide consumer. This trend is seen with all age groups but is most visible on the Gen Z consumer, where one third of the consumers between 18-25 indicates to not drink alcohol at all. These developments caused the fact that one out of every 20 beers consumed in The Netherlands is non-alcoholic. The same growth is seen in bars & restaurants whereas Lowlander experiences a growth of 341% in comparison with last year. To meet this increasing demand and offer bars & restaurants with high volumes a sustainable alternative at the same time, Lowlander decided to develop their 0.00% WIT and 0.3% I.P.A. not only on can and bottle but also on tap. The two non-alcoholic beers on tap are from now on available at wholesalers Dorstlust, Scheerder and Van Bieren