This Beertail has been created to pay homage to the Poorters working dockside in the Lowlands during the golden age. It is a variation on the all-time favourite espresso martini, combining Arabica coffee, Genever with Madagascar vanilla, liquorice, malted barley and hops.


  • 20ml Wynand Fockink Coffee Liqueur
  • 35ml Vodka (or young genever)
  • 30ml Espresso (1 shot)
  • 10ml Sugar Syrup
  • Top with 100ml Lowlander Poorter
  • Ice


Pre chill your cocktail glass with ice. Shake all ingredients except Lowlander Poorter with ice. Remove ice from your glass and strain your Beertail in the glass. Top up with Lowlander Poorter and garnish with 3 coffee beans