Sometimes Cupid needs just a little help to arouse the passions. That’s why we created a Valentine’s exclusive to help you set the mood through the most powerful & flavourful botanicals. Our naturally naughty Love Ale is brewed with sweet, seductive strawberry, fragrant rose and damiana, the ancient aromatic herb cherished for its dreamy blissful effect. (Thank us later.)


“Various herbs, spices and fruits – also known as botanicals – not only give our beers a naturally delicious and refreshing flavour, in this case they also prove their unique and aphrodisiac powers. So to celebrate love, we researched different botanicals that instantly leave you with a bunch of butterflies. We soon came across a beautiful combination of natural aphrodisiacs that not only taste irresistibly good, but also turn up the heat in terms of sensuality.” – Frederik Kampman, Chief Botanical Officer Lowlander

We can imagine you’re insanely curious to find out what these natural aphrodisiacs taste like and what they do to get our heart rates up. We’d love to break it down for you.


Strawberry is the symbol of Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, desire and sex. Thanks to the various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you’ll find in this blushing little berry, the blood circulation and the production of estrogen are extra stimulated, which in turn helps to maintain a healthy sex life. In addition, the strawberry makes the beer surprisingly juicy and subtly sweet.


The rose symbolises love and desire, and is therefore hardly ever skipped on days like Valentine’s Day. Legend has it that this natural aphrodisiac activates pleasure cells in our bodies, which can also get us excited. You will recognise rose in the beer as a slightly spicy, sensual floral aroma that you will especially experience in the aftertaste.


The damiana has a blissful effect and helps you to fully relax – the perfect ingredient to get you in the mood. Thanks to the excitingly sharp and warming tones of this relatively unknown, but fascinating botanical, the Love Ale will take you through every passionate emotion of desire.


You might wonder why a beautiful polar bear has ended up on the Love Ale’s dreamy pink label. Since Valentine’s Day is usually all about single use presents such as love cards, rose bouquets and fluffy teddy bears, we think there’s one bear in particular that could use our help. So we decided to bring the polar bear a present instead, by donating 1% of sales to the WWF and their mission to protect polar bears. Think of it as spreading the love ;-).


Excited to give our Love Ale a try? It is now available in HEMA stores, online and in our own webshop