The freshest Botanical Infusion ever, Lowlander Yuzu & Pink Grapefruit 

While testing, trying and tasting our own version of a ginger beer, we accidently discovered our second Botanical Infusion: one loaded with all the beautiful freshness and intensity of a citrus version. A zesty, refreshing beer, low in alcohol; making it the perfect casual get together drink! We immediately imagined ourselves bobbing about the Amsterdam canals, or having a picknick at the Vondelpark.

Adventurous as we are we decided to brew the freshest beer ever with a rare, Japanese fruit called yuzu. Pungent, fresh and complex, this citrus fruit gives our Botanical Infusion its irreplaceable and unique taste.

This wouldn’t be an intense citrus Infusion if we didn’t add more citrus to it. Adding the distinctive and slightly bitter pink grapefruit gives our Botanical Infusion its recognisable sharp tropical notes; a perfect match with the yuzu making this beer crisp and sessionable.

In a very tasty session with a tea sommelier we decided for this infusion to go with Earl Grey tea; a robust black tea flavoured with the oil of bergamot – yes, another citrus fruit  – giving the tea its signature powerful punch. Adding subtle bitterness to our botanical infusion, Earl Grey is a nice contrast with the high, sharp tones of citrus.

Lowlander Yuzu & Grapefruit
A 2,5% botanically brewed infusion of yuzu & pink grapefruit,
earl grey tea & gose beer.

The Uplifting Sip

Trade routes from the far east introduced new wonders to the
west, capturing the imagination with exotic citrus treasures that
lay beyond the well-trodden paths.

Our uplifting and zesty infusion of yuzu, pink grapefruit and earl
grey tea, will transport you there in an instant.


We also brewed Lowlander Ginger & Kaffir Lime, a Botanical Infusion with a refreshing kick. Lowlander’s Botanical Infusions are available in our webshop and as of today will make their way into bars, bottle shops & delis across the Lowlands.

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