One more day, and the Lowlands turns into one big party: it’s King’s Day! This King’s Day concoction is an ode to our royal family and a little nod to our beer-loving king: our recipe for the Royal Botanical Negroni beertail.

Oranjebitter Negroni

What’s a King’s Day cocktail without “oranjebitter”? Very few might like it and only some will order it outside of King’s Day, but one cannot imagine this national holiday without a shot of orange, bitter booze.

Bitters are alcoholic beverages that are flavoured with herbs fruit and spices. It is not a liqueur, which has the addition of sugar. Bitters used to be very popular but since we like our drinks sweet, slowly but surely bitter manufacturers have been adding sugar into the drinks.

Oranjebitter gained national appreciation thanks to a member of our royal family, Willem I, who became king in 1814. Oranjebitter was reintroduced as a nationalistic beverage and has remained as such ever since.

Lowlander Royal Botanical Negroni

As our Botanical Negroni is our twist on the king of Aperitivo cocktails we made this version especially for King’s Day, cheers to Willem Alexander!

  • 30ml Sweet vermouth
  • 30ml Gin
  • 50ml Lowlander IPA
  • a good dash of Oranjebitter
  • Orange peel
  • Ice

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Stir all ingredients and strain into the glass. Garnish with an orange peel.


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