Are you foolhardy enough to embark on an intrepid voyage through Amsterdam?
Are you a master in strategy?
Can you even trade an old pair of socks?

If the answer is ‘yes, yes, YES!’ to any of the above, then join us for a night of fun, friendly new people and botanical beers.

So this is not a pub quiz, these are the Lowlander Pub Games. You are challenged to taste, guess, puzzle, act, strategize and much more… The team that earns the most Dutch florins gains the victory and goes on a real Lowlander Expedition through the old streets of Amsterdam!

How to enter & win?

  1. Create a A-team with a connoisseur, a lucky bird, a trader and a strategist.
  2. Sign up for a Lowlander Pub Games edition through our Facebook events page
  3. Bring your smartphone to the Lowlander Pub Games, that’s it!
  4. If you win your team battles against the other winners (see below) on a real life through the old streets of Amsterdam. Your trade, travel and tasting skills well then be tested for real, all for free!

Please note that without registration we can not guarantee you a place so make sure to visit the Facebook event for detailed information.

The finalists of 2018 so far

Will you be featured next in our Lowlander Pub Games hall of fame?