Lowlander enters the low alcohol category with one of its kind Botanical Infusions. Full flavoured yet low in alcohol (2.5% alc). All natural botanically brewed.

We are incredibly excited to share some big news with you.

A couple of years ago we started with a simple idea. While busy working in a gin distillery filled with aromatic spices, fragrant herbs and fresh fruits I wondered what would happen if we would brew rather than distill with these natural botanicals.

This, a simple idea on paper, resulted in months of trial and error (it turns out brewing isn’t as blank a canvas as distilling) before finally launching our range of botanically brewed Lowlander beers in 2016.  

Now, 2.5 years later, we are ready to take the next step in our adventurous journey.

The idea came to us during the many events we have hosted, from our intimate botanical dinners to our botanical brewing masterclasses at bigger events like Taste of Amsterdam. It was there that even people who didn’t usually drink beer said to us they really appreciated our botanically brewed beers. Simply put, they could relate to the flavours through their daily use of botanicals like coriander, grapefruit, liquorice root and elderflower in their kitchen at home.

This led us to wonder whether we could could push ourselves even further. What if we would put botanicals literally at the heart of what we do? At the same time more and more people were asking whether we could do lower alcoholic expressions of our beers. So then we set out to proof that lower alcoholic options do not need to taste like you have just decided to compromise on flavour.

Presenting Lowlander Botanical  Infusions

As a team we are passionate about botanicals and the incredible flavour they can bring, so we felt that we should take the lead and be the first to launch lower alcoholic beer taste full of flavours (ahem botanicals). We were inspired to continue to work with the best natural ingredients while we developed a totally unique drink.

After over a year of brewing, boiling, distilling, soaking, and extracting it is time to release our brand new range into the world.

Our new range casts the finest ingredients like ginger, yuzu, lime leaf leaves and grapefruit in a starring role and infuse these with natural teas and beer, to create a lightly alcoholic drink (2.5% alc.) packed with some serious flavour!

So, with pride, we present:


Lowlander Yuzu & Pink Grapefruit 

Brewed with yuzu, pink grapefruit, Earl Grey tea and gose beer. Light & refreshing, with bright citrus flavours. Read more


Ginger & Lime Leaf

Brewed with ginger, lime leaf leaves, cardamom, Darjeeling tea and wheat beer. Spicy & aromatic, with hints of zesty citrus. Read more


Lowlander’s Botanical Infusions are available in our webshop and as of today will make their way into bars, bottle shops & delis across the Lowlands.

Frederik | Chief Botanical Officer

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